Penelitian & Abdimas

beberapa penelitian yang dilakukan oleh mahasiswa & Dosen IBAcc adalah sebagai berikut :

1. Corporate social responsibility, financial performance and risk in Indonesian natural resources industry
2. Does internal corporate governance mechanism control firm risk? Evidence from Indonesia’s three high-risk sectors
3. Do environmental performance and disclosure bring financial outcome? Evidence from Indonesia?
4. The Long-term Performance of Post-Merger and Acquisition: Evidence from Indonesia stock market
5. The Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility on Share Price Before and After Tax Amnesty
6. Corporate social responsibility policies and value creation: does corporate governance and profitability mediate that relationship?
7. Capital Structure and Board Characteristics in Firm Performances of Indonesian LQ45 Companies
8. The Intervening Role of Value Added Intellectual Capital on The Relationship between Corporate Governance and Firm Value
9. The Impacts of Intellectual Capital on Financial Performance: An Evidence from Indonesian Manufacturing
10. Talent Management And Financial Performance: Does Organization Learning Mediate That Relationship?