IBAcc Team Won Two Titles in The Accounting Paper Competition

02 Agu 2019

Adeline Lionivia, Ericka Tanoyo, and Mikhael Eliezer students from International Business Accounting Program (IBAcc), Petra Christian University, they won two titles in the competition of Accounting "Widya Mandala Speaks on Accounting" or (WIMASING) in Surabaya 2 - 4 May 2019.

Their paper that can make the won two tiltles, entitles "Analisa Manfaat XBRL dan Dampaknya Bagi Akuntan Muda Dalam Era Digitalisasi". There are two stages in this competition which are preliminary stages and main stages which is presentation. in the presentation they only get 15 minutes to present their paper.

This Team need to compete with the others 14 team from 12 Universities. At first, one member of their team feel not confidence, but because of the encouragement from the othes two members they can stay until the end of the competition. This team also can get the price for around 5.500.000 Rupiah, get trophy and certificate.

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