Being an Accountant for A Sustainable Industry Colloquium

19 Nov 2022

on November 19th 2022, Petra Christian University's School of Business Management held a National Seminar entitled "Being an Accountant for A Sustainable Industry Colloquium"

the theme of this event is "Accountants as Society Transformers" 

as the first speaker of this seminar, Professor Dr. John Hutagaol, the Head of East Java I Regional Tax Office delivering the aspects of Indonesian taxation on the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals,

furthermore, Elvia R Shauki, Ph.D talks about how accountant could save our planet and people itself,

Maria R Nindita Radyati, Ph.D shared the ethical business practices for sustainability from her own perpective,

while Olivier Chauveau, the CFO of Loreal Indonesia talks further about sustainability as competitive advantage,

and last but not least, our Dean himself, Josua Tarigan, Ph.D shared whether accountant can save its people and planet from his point of view.

This event is attended by 150+ students from  accounting programs of School of Business and Management and invitations.

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