HRM Guest Lecture with Robin Wibowo

28 Nov 2020

On November 28th 2020, International Business Accounting, Petra Christian University invited Mr. Robin Wibowo, Director of Human Resource (Pre-opening Team) from The Langham, Jakarta

His passion in L+D from building & designing program he learned takes him to share his knowledge to lecture on "Managing Compensation: Pay Structure, Incentives and Benefits" in IBAcc especially for batch 2019 accompanied by one of our lecturer Deborah C. Widjaja, S.S., MSM., Ph.D.

In this guest lecture, Mr. Robin emphasize that he nessesity for the students to :

1. Understand how to a company's pay structure is set strategically from the real industry context (especially in the hospitality industry)

2. Understand how to strategically provide employees with incentives and benefits to attract, retain and motivate them (especially in the hospitality industry).

The participants of this guest lecture is purely IBAcc Batch 2019

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