Business Analytics for Accountants : NOT just Big Data

19 Sep 2020

On 19 September 2020, International Business Accounting, Petra Christian University conducted the workshop with the topic “Business Analytics for Accountants: NOT Just Big Data”.

The guest speaker is Stephen Christian SE., MSc in Business Analytics from Warwick Business School, UK and also working as the Financial Analyst of Phillip Morris International, Hong Kong, and IBAcc lecturer, Alan Darmasaputra SE, MPAcc., MBus. is acting as the moderator of the workshop.

In the workshop, the speaker explained about the importance of having a good analytical mindset. From his experience working as the financial analyst, he is also showing some example and demonstration on how we can analyse data from daily information available in the news or any other source of information.

The participants of this workshop is not only from Petra Christian University students, but also from high school teachers and students, such as SMA St. Louis 1, SMA Petra 2, SMA Petra 5, SMA St. Albertus, Malang, SMA Vita, SMA Kristen Charis, SMAS Tunas Daud, SMA Petra 4, SMA Zion Makassar, SMA Gloria 2, Xin Zhong School, IPH School, SMAN 2 Lumajang. This event attendant by more than 120 participants

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