Becoming Future-Ready Accountants

23 Jul 2020

International Business Accounting (IBAcc)
Proudly presents

Becoming Future-Ready Accountants

Are you a senior high-school student that would like to explore future accounting career?

We understand that technology is just one of many forces coming together to reshape the future of careers in accountancy.

But while we need digital skills, there are also numbers of other forces at play too.

Join our WEBINAR and let you explore!

Our Speakers:
Mei Phing Lim, FCCA (ACCA Member Singapore)
Hani Karunia, MBA, MSc (Head of ACCA Indonesia)
Josua Tarigan, Ph.D, CMA, CSRA (Head of IBAcc)

July 23rd 2020 (10:15-12:00 WIB)

Free registration on the following link :

Get a knowledge, free e-certificate and a chance to get 3 door prize “IBAcc tumbler”

also join our Petra International Business Accounting Competition and get a total prize more than IDR 40M (cash & scholarship).

Visit us on : &

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