"International Business Environtment and Trade 2020 : Review, Challenge and Opportunity"

10 Mar 2020
on last March 10th, 2020, International Business Accounting, Petra Christian University held it's first annual Accounting Talk with the topic of "International Business Environtment and Trade 2020 : Review, Challenge and Opportunity" 

The Guest Speakers are Dr. Jean Marc Dautrey from French and as a Professor from Stamford International and Mr. Bambang Irawan, a a Managing Director GITS Consulting

as usual, the Head of IBAcc Program Mr Josua Tarigan PhD,CMA. act as a stage moderator for the talk.


the speakers explained about the International Business Environtment we lived in. moreover, they not only explained about references of their personal reviews, but also they explained about the challenges that we will face and should overcome in times to come and also all of the opportunities that lies ahead in 2020.


The participants of the talk were mainly from Petra Christian University students but we also have lots of practictioner and high school teachers.

Here are some pictures from March 10th 2020.


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