Accounting Talk (7 - 11 - 2018)

07 Nov 2018

On 7 November 2018, International Business Accounting, Petra Christian University held an events namely Accounting Talk.

There are two speakers in the Accounting Talk. The First Speaker is Prof. Lee Chew Ging (Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Science, Nottingham University). The Second Speaker is Ricky, S.E., MRE.Ed.D (Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Petra Christian University).

In this Accounting Talk, they are talking about How the condition of the Economic today and How about the Economic condition in the future especially in the year of 2019 including what will be facing in the Economics area in the year of 2019. Last as the closing of the Accounting Talk, the speaker give a tips what should we do for facing Global and Indonesia Economy Outlook in the year of 2019.

Finally, in this post you can see some of the pictures of the Accounting Talk on 7 November 2018.

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