Workshop " Design Thinking For Innovation

24 Okt 2018

On 24 October 2018, International Business Accounting (IBAcc) held a workshop about "Design Thinking for Innovation".

The trainer for this workshops is Dr. Pek Chuen Khee from University of Nottingham. In this workshop, there are some IBAcc students who are joining which is batch 2018, 2017 and batch 2016.

At the first session of the workshop, Dr. Pek Chuen Khee, explains to the students about what is Design Thinking means. After that He aslo asks the students to discuss about what they need to do and interviewing students or lecturers for around 20 minutes. After doing the interview, the students need to share what they get by stick their answer in the big flip chart so they can discuss it together.

Next sessions, the trainer (Dr. Pek Chuen Khee) explain about how design thinking can influence the innovative and below are some pictures that you can see about the workshop.

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