Calon Mahasiswa

Here are the Requirements for Joining with IBAcc

  • TOEFL Score > 500

        students need to submit their TOEFL score (>500) that the students already have

        (not more than two years) and it needs to be scan. the students can join for the

         TOEFL outside or join the TOEFL test from Petra.

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)

       the students can get the statement of Purpose in the PMK online  

       ( after they download  it, they need to  fill the

        statement of purpose  and submit it to IBAcc.

  • Interview

       the candidates also need to join the interview in English on the scheduled dates. 

  • Payments 

       the candidates should pay for the Special Test Fee in the ammount of Rp 175.000 

       before the scheduled test.


Last, after the candidates are having the complete requirements, the candiates need to email the requirements such as: TOEFL score, statement of Purpose and the transfer slip / payment slip to and



Student Activities
In IBAcc, every student encourages to joint some valuable activities. The following activities will help them enhance their skill, ability and talent.
•    IBAcc Camp. The camp is for freshmen student at the first semester. In this event, the student will be introduced with IBAcc program, senior and their future career in international market. (YEAR ONE)
•    Summer Program. Students will joint one specific lecturer at abroad university for one week in Asian area, could be in Malaysia, Singapore, Korea or Beijing. (YEAR TWO)
•    English club. English should be a habit, especially for international class such as IBAcc. Therefore, it is mandatory for IBAcc student to joint the club in order to enhance and shape their English skill, include TOEFL Score. Student will joint this club once they done for “Business English 4” subject. (YEAR TWO)
•    Professional Club. This club is mandatory for every IBAcc student. The club will be held the activities almost every semester in forms of workshop or another valuable event, such as: How to Perform Professional?, Make People Love Your Presentation, Eat like Executive (Tabble Manner), etc. (YEAR TWO)
•    Mandarin Club. The objective of this club to help students maintain their mandarin conversation after they finish “Business Mandarin 4” subject. (YEAR THREE)
•    Local Field Trip. The objective of field trip is to give student more understanding about business process and best-practice.  (YEAR ONE – THREE)
•    International Field Trip. The objective is same as local field trip, however it more enhance the global experience of IBAcc’s students. (YEAR TWO/ THREE)
•    Entrepreneurship Project. In this program the student will assign about big project of entrepreneurship, which is pursuing student soft-skill, include business sense, creativity skill, personality skill and teamwork. (YEAR THREE)
•    Student Exchange. Student can have more global experience by visiting and learning at abroad university, such as Korea or German. Student will have a one semester experience to do student exchange. (YEAR FOUR)
•    Double Degree Program. Currently student can pursue their double degree in three foreign countries, such as Australia, United States and Netherland. (YEAR FOUR)
•    Internship. Last but not least is internship, which is the valuable opportunity for the student to elaborate their knowledge and concept into real practice work environment.(YEAR FOUR)

International Guest Lectures

·                                 Prof Janek Ratnatunga, Phd, CPA, FCMA, CA from University of South Australia. Teaches Management Accounting Subject.

·                                 Prof Lee Chew from Nottingham University. He covers Micro Economics.

·                                 Foo Yee Boon, Phd, FCCA from Monash University. Dr Foo teaches for Financial Accounting Courses and F3 ACCA Module.

·                                 Dr Pek Chuen Khee  from Nottingham University. He covers Macro Economics

·                                 Prof Agloro from Philippine University, Philippine. She facilitates Human Resource Management subject

·                                 Domnic Danaraj Peter, MBA from London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), Singapore. He covers F1 module from ACCA, which is about Accountant and Business


·                                 Roy Goh, M.Fin, CPA, FCCA from London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), Singapore. He covers Financial Accounting & Management Accounting mainstream from ACCA.

International Business Accounting (IBAcc) of Petra Christian University has cooperation with international accounting professional body and leading universities.

·                                 ACCA

·                                 Oxford Brookes University

·                                 CMA - Certified Management Accountants

·                                 Solobridge International School of Business

·                                 The University of Nottingham

·                                 Saxion University of Applied Sciences